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Unifying Themes Redux

by Botch

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This is a re-issue of the band's long out of print collection of early 7-inch material, compilation cuts, and other rarities, providing an incisive look at the germination of Seattle's legendary ass-kickers. Originally released by Excursion Records in 2002, it features sixteen ferocious tracks that only Botch could deliver, complete with weird samples, postmodern anxiety, and unstoppable riffs.


released September 26, 2006



all rights reserved


Botch Tacoma, Washington


Dave Verellen – vocals
Dave Knudson – guitar
Tim Latona – drums
Brian Cook – bass, backup vocals

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Track Name: O Fortuna
O Fortuna
velut luna
statu variabilis,
semper crescis
aut decrescis;
vita detestabilis
nunc obdurat
et tunc curat
ludo mentis aciem,
dissolvit ut glaciem.

Sors immanis
et inanis,
rota tu volubilis,
status malus,
vana salus
semper dissolubilis,
et velata
michi quoque niteris;
nunc per ludum
dorsum nudum
fero tui sceleris.

Sors salutis
et virtutis
michi nunc contraria,
est affectus
et defectus
semper in angaria.
Hac in hora
sine mora
corde pulsum tangite;
quod per sortem
sternit fortem,
mecum omnes plangite!

English Translation:
O Fortune,
as the moon,
always dost thou
wax and wane.
Detestable life,
first dost thou mistreat us,
and then, whimsically,
thou heedest our desires.
As the sun melts the ice,
so dost thou dissolve
both poverty and power.

and empty fate,
thou, turning wheel,
art mean,
good health at thy will.
in obscurity,
thou dost attack
me also.
To thy cruel pleasure
I bare my back.

Thou dost withdraw
my health and virtue;
thou dost threaten
my emotion
and weakness
with torture.
At this hour,
therefore, let us
pluck the strings without
Let us mourn together,
for fate crushes the brave.
Track Name: Closure
Your faith and blind devotion are the actions of one aware, created as machines for the lawless powers of those who would never care. The blood runs off their hands, as thick as their precious black gold. Something they think is worth dying for, something we can't condone. Their chains will break. We can't let this continue, the rape of our world, only to ensure the success of those who don't give a fuck about what they crush, under their flagrant despot footsteps. I won't wear the blindfold.
Track Name: Contraction
I have no feelings for you... you can't smother this anymore. Distraught notions of life's consistency, our convictions will not fall at your feet. Mislead, disrust,
Vindication. There is so much more still kept in the dark of what this all is for. I won't stand for it anymore, I won't stand for this anymore, we can't stand it any longer.
Track Name: Ebb
Erosion of the land causes my establishment to fall down to the ground below and I feel so low. I can't escape from you. Reconstruction, it's time to build again. Maybe once this time I'll win. Maybe I'll have better luck this time. This time. Erosion.
Track Name: Stupid Me
It's just another selfish game,
but I won't participate in this way of conquest,
right of passage.
Strive for stature, exploit the passive.
Point rank system.
Joint rape project.
Count me out, I'm not submitting.
Your score proves nothing to me.
Track Name: In Spite of This
I cannot, I will not support your lies, innocent organization the disguise, but in truth a business that feeds from the pockets of those seeking innocence. Preaching words of hate, unfounded hate, and you remain in spite of this. Integration of the lifestyles you wish kept from your lives, a belief for the people you see fit in your eyes. I will not be broken. You can not destroy me. Why can't we accept diversity? Immunity...
Track Name: End of Discussion
End of you
Defining you
Center of you
Perfect moment
Just before the rain
Say it
Rays of light
Burning dust
Above and beyond
Fields of silence
This is the end of the world
Say it
Reach for the stars
Track Name: Liquored Up and Laid
What You Are
Wake Up And Dream
I need to wake up soon
So very soon
Into the light zone
Into the light
I`m falling forwards
And into sight
And running backwards
And falling down
They cheer they cheer
Under a piercing and
Blinding light
The crowd all gather
Right on right on
But there`s no dark corner
Centre stage
The crowd gets restless
I begin to say
I don`t know if you know
I care i`m here
I`m only barely holding on
To something that is real
I`ll stand up to the noise and light
Until everything requires
I might be heard
Or else wake up
And dream
He`s so good looking
The traffic stops
He`s a politician
A heavenly cop
Words of healing
Fall from his lips
Lifting up the weak
Is in his gift
People say yeah
To the hall of office
And the foreign stage
Maybe at last
The world`s a
Better place
He`s brought down swiftly
By the
Hand of fate
The people weep
And the thought remains
When you fight for every breath
Do you stop to think about your friends or do you
That in that moment separating life and death
You want to take what you can get
And maybe
Only wake up
But not
What You Are
Wake Up And Dream
Track Name: Rock Lobster
We were at a party
His ear lobe fell in the deep
Someone reached in and grabbed it
It was a rock lobster
We were at the beach
Everybody had matching towels
Somebody went under a dock
And there they saw a rock
It wasn't a rock
It was a rock lobster
Motion in the ocean
His air hose broke
Lots of trouble
Lots of bubble
He was in a jam
S'in a giant clam
Down, down
Underneath the waves
Mermaids wavin'
Wavin' to mermen
Wavin' sea fans
Sea horses sailin'
Dolphins wailin'
Red snappers snappin'
Clam shells clappin'
Muscles flexin'
Flippers flippin'
Down, down
Let's rock!
Boy's in bikinis
Girls in surfboards
Everybody's rockin'
Everybody's fruggin'
Twistin' 'round the fire
Havin' fun
Bakin' potatoes
Bakin' in the sun
Put on your noseguard
Put on the Lifeguard
Pass the tanning butter
Here comes a stingray
There goes a manta-ray
In walked a jelly fish
There goes a dog-fish
Chased by a cat-fish
In flew a sea robin
Watch out for that piranha
There goes a narwhal
Here comes a bikini whale!